Tundra Biome

Level Range ?
Notable Resources Basalt
Rare Creatures Manta Ray
Rare Loot  

The Tundra Biome is one of the Biomes in MMO Atlas. Each Biome in Ark has its own unique Creatures and Resources, encouraging you to travel and discover new places across the oceans. 

There are four Tundra Biomes in Atlas, one at each of the furthest corners of the Map, to the North-East and -West and the South-East and -West. 


About the Tundra Biome

Tundras are places with cold temperatures, poor vegetation and therefore poor bio-diversity.


Freeports in the Tundra Biome


Golden Age Ruins in the Tundra Biome 


Creatures and Resources in the Tundra Biome





Name Type Where to find Notes
Aged Wood   G13, I13, J13  
basalt_flint_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Basalt Flint J2, N2, B14, E14F14G13, H13, I14J13, J14, K13L13M13M14N14  
Cactus   G13  
cotton_fibers_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Cotton Fibers J2, N2E14F14I14J14K13M14N13, N14  
Copper   I13  
fur_hide_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guideFur Hide J2  
Flake Salt   I13J13  
iron_metal_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Iron Metal J2, N2B14E14F14I14J14K13L13M13M14N14  
granite_stone_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Granite Stone J2, N2B14E14F14I14J14K13, L13M13M14N14  
Herkimer   I13J13  
Jute   G13I13J13  
Kala Namak   J13  
lignite_coal_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Lignite Stone J2E14F14L13M14N14  
Nitre   G13  
Obsidian   N14  
Pink Salt   I13J13  
root_thatch_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Roots Thatch J2N2B14E14F14G13, G14I14J13J14K13, M13M14, N13N14  
rushes_thatch_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Rushes Thatch J2E14J14M14  
sea_salt_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guideSalt Salt F3G13G14  
Sandstone   G13I13J13  
Softwood Wood N2B14E14, F14I14J14K13M13M13, M14N14  
slate_stone_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Slate Stone    
Sulfur   E14  
tellurite_crystal_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Tellurite Crystal N2F14I14  
Tin   G13I13J13  
wool_hide_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Wool Hide  J2,  
Wetwood   E14F14G14J14K13M13  





NPCs and Merchants

Name Locations Notes
Shipyardsman  Freeports:
Cosmetics Vendor  Freeports:



Notable items or Locations in Tundra Biomes

  • ??



Tips & Notes

  • ??




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