Locations in MMO Game  Atlas provides maps, descriptions and information about the 10 distinct regions and 700 small islands spread over 45,000km of open ocean in Atlas.  You can also see Maps of the Atlas world, the locations of Freeports, and many other helpful tips for finding the various places in Atlas


Getting Around in Atlas

The primary method of movement in Atlas is Sailing - players build their own ships, whether they prefer a simple rowboat or a grand galleon, and can sail the high seas to their heart's content, discovering new places and locations along the way. 

Once established on an island it is possible to fast travel between beds on different islands or ships. No items are allowed in fast travel and must be deposited in a chest prior to fast travel.


What kind of Locations are in Atlas

Players can travel through the different Biomes of the game and discover individual islands within the vast sea.

Freeports are the starting zone for players just starting and has a maximum experience of level 8. At level 8 you receive no more experience and do not level, encouraging you to explore. Freeports also have NPC characters that you can purchase items from for gold. Freeports are also a good place to recruit new players for your crew.

Lawless Regions are areas that can not be claimed and have a 4 day timer before they decay and can be demolished. It allows for you to continue to level and has faster resource re-spawns. 

Claimable lands are all other areas that can have a claim flag placed. 

Challenge Zones are special areas where challenges and events happen.

Discovery Zones are special places that grant XP bonuses and allow players to progress to higher levels.




List of All Locations in Atlas

This is an Alphabetical List of All Locations found in the MMO Game Atlas. This list is a work in progress, feel free to add your own discoveries!



Freeports are small islands upon which players can spawn to begin their adventures. They are home to a couple of NPC merchants, such as the ShipyardsmanCrew Recruiter and Cosmetics Vendor, and provide a safe haven from which to build your first Ship and set sail. 

  • Example location
  • Example location

Golden Age Ruins Islands

These islands are home to mythical mini-bosses such as Hydras and Dragons which must be defeated in order to find your way to obtaining the Power Stones needed to summon the final Boss of Atlas - the Kraken

  • Example Location
  • Example Location
  • Example Location

Other Locations

  • Example Location
  • Example Location
  • Example Location
  • Example Location

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