Type Mammal 
Behavior Spazzy/Fearful
Tameable Yes
Breedable Yes
Rideable Yes
Location/Region Temperate/Tropical/Tundra
Taming Method Wound/Bola
Preferred Kibble Sugarcane (Sugar)
Preferred Diet Sugar

Horse is one of the Creatures in MMO Atlas. It can be found in the Temperate Biome and Tundra Biome and can be tamed. 

About the Horse

 Horses will walk around in small area until frightened, then they will run, usually with no rhyme or reason to which direction. 

When tamed the horse is a fast means to scout an area and if leveled in weight become an excellent pack animal.


Drops and Loot


Animal Meat



Basic Stats and Stat Growth


Value at Level 1

Increase per level

Taming Bonus

Health 180 +27    
Stamina 580 +58    
Oxygen 150 +15    
Food 1500 +150    
Weight 750 +15    
Melee Damage        
Movement Speed        


Usage and Combat

Used mostly for scouting and pack animal. 

Fighting: Be fast, or expect a chase. Can outrun most animals. 

Taming: Try to chase into a fenced area, or make a pen quickly around it if possible. Attack it to 25%, throw a bola at it, then with sugarcane (preferred) or berries in your last slot of your action bar walk up to its face and press E.

You can feed it every 15 seconds for 2.5 minutes until the bola breaks. Attack down to 25% again, bola, feed. Rinse and repeat until finished.

You get about 1.2% of the tame bar for every feed. 20 sugarcane will tame up to a level 20 if you make no mistakes. 

****You must be in front of the horses face to feed it****


Utility: Can attack plants for seeds and vegetables.



 Can be breed but foals are very susceptible to cold and must be watched with fires ready to be turned on.

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