Polar Biome

Notable Resources Sandstone
Rare Creatures Penguin
Rare Loot  

The Polar Biome is one of the Biomes in MMO Atlas. Each Biome in Ark has its own unique Creatures and Resources, encouraging you to travel and discover new places across the oceans. 

There are two Polar Biomes in Atlas, one to the North of the Map and one to the South. 


IN-Game Description


About the Polar Biome

The Polar biome is a very cold area, characterized by lots of ice and snow and the sort of Creatures you might expect to find in Polar regions, such as Bears, Penguins and Wolves.


Freeports in the Polar Biome

  • Freeports:None

  • Lawless Zones: C15M1


Golden Age Ruins in the Polar Biome

  • ??



Resources and Creatures in the Polar Biome


Image Name Spawn Locations Notes
  Anglerfish N1  
  Bear N1, I15, M15N15O15  
  Crow N1, B15I15M15O15  
  Dolphin N1  
  Penguin N1, B15C15I15M15N15O15  
  Eel N1  
  Jellyfish N1  
  Manta Ray N1  
  Rabbit N1B15I15M15O15  
  Shark N1  
  Seagull N1I15M15O15  
  Turtle N1M15  
  Yeti N1B15I15L15M15N15O15  
  Wolf N1B15C15I15L15M15N15O15  



Image Name Spawn Locations Notes
  Basalt L15L15O15  
  Calcite N1, C15L15  
  Coal H15  
  Cobalt L15O15  
  Coral N1  
  Crystal H15  
  Emerald O15  
  Flint H15  
  Gem H15  
  Jute N1  
  Mineral Oil H15  
  Naptha C15L15L15  
  Nitre L15  
  Peat N1  
  Roots H15L15  
  Stone H15  
  Sunstone A15  
  Sandstone N1L15L15N15O15  
  Tellurite L15  
  Tin N1C15H15L15L15, N15O15  
  Wetwood C15L15N15  
  Wood H15  


NPCs and Merchants

Image Name Locations Notes


Polar Biome Quests

  • ??



Notable items or Locations in Polar Biome

  • ??



Tips & Notes

  • ??




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