Skill Type Beastmastery
Effect Allows a Pathfinder to imprint on newly born Creatures.
Cost 1 Skill Point(s)
Pre-Requisite  -

Breeding is one of the Skills in MMO Game Atlas. Breeding is available for players to unlock within the Beastmastery discipline skill tree.


About Breeding

"Allows a Pathfinder to imprint on newly born Creatures."


Once a player has tamed a male and female of a particular breedable Creature, they can breed them to create a new and possible improved Creature through Eggs for non-mammals such as the shoulder-mounted Parrot, and Gestation for mammalian creatures such as the Bear.

Mammalian Creatures will complete the Gestation period, which varies between Creatures, as does the Incubation period, without interference from the player as long as the gestating female is kept fed. Eggs will need to be incubated by the player, which can be as simple a process as lighting a few campfires close to the egg, or as complex as building a vast Hatchery with high-tech incubation.


Breedable Creatures in Atlas

Not all Creatures in Atlas are breedable. Below is a list of all known breedable Creatures in Atlas:




Gestation Period

Raise Time







Incubation Period

Raise Time





Breeding Effects & Bonuses


  • -




Breeding Notes & Tips

  • Notes and tips related to this skill, or its applications
  • Unlocking skills costs Skill Points, which must be obtained by gaining experience with in-game activities.
  • Each skill within a tree must be unlocked in order and has dependencies with other skills within that tree.



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