Vitamins in Atlas MMO Game are an important part of survival. In addition to keeping your character fed and hydrated, you must also take care to balance the foods you consume to ensure even levels of four Vitamins: vitamin_a_atlas_mmo_wiki_guidevitamin_b_atlas_mmo_wiki_guidevitamin_c_atlas_mmo_wiki_guide and vitamin_d_atlas_mmo_wiki_guide.

These Vitamins are found in different foods, for example Milk provides Vitamin vitamin_d_atlas_mmo_wiki_guidewhile Beans provide Vitamin vitamin_a_atlas_mmo_wiki_guideand most Berries provide Vitamin vitamin_c_atlas_mmo_wiki_guide.

It is important to consume a variety of foods as a balanced diet will keep you healthy, while consuming too little of any Vitamins will lead to Vitamin Deficiency and too much of any Vitamin group will lead to Vitamin Poisoning. Both of these Status Effects cause debuffs such as slowed movement, screen blurring/clouding, unconsciousness and eventually death if not remedied. 

Consumables or Foods may be divided into 7 subgroups which can be helpful for determining what Vitamins a food is likely to have, but there are exceptions so it's worth double checking!

The seven major groups of consumables and their Vitamins are listed below: 

  • Berries - most berries provide Vitamin C.

  • Cooked Food - the Vitamins offered by this subgroup vary widely. 

  • Cooking Herbs - most herbs provide Vitamin A.
  • Fruits - most fruits provide Vitamin A, except Lime which gives Vit C.

  • Meats - animal meats provide Vitamin B while fish meats and Milk provide Vitamin D. Eggs give Vit A.


How to Get Consumables in Atlas MMO?

Some Consumables in Atlas are found raw in the environment, such as Wild Vegetables and Berries. Other Consumables, such as Cooked Animal Meat or Creme Brulee, must be cooked or processed before eating. Cooking in Atlas is governed by the Cooking and Farming Skill Tree and is mostly completed in the Cooking Pot or the Grill Crafting Stations.


Which Foods for Which Vitamins?

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