Exploring new Islands in Atlas MMO Game will reveal new Discoveries. Each time you find a new Discovery you will accrue points. After Level 51 you will need Discovery points to raise your maximum XP cap, allowing you to progress to higher levels. 23 Discovery points are necessary for every level past 51. 

Making landfall on a new Island will usually grant a new Discovery, and most Islands have at least one other Discovery hidden somewhere within them. Some Discoveries are hidden well, so make sure to explore every island you visit fully.


Making New Discoveries


When you first make landfall on a new Island, you will be notified of your new Discovery with an on-screen message. Once a Discovery area is known, small yellow text in the top right of your screen will let you know whenever you are within that Discovery area. When you enter a new Discovery area, the yellow text will show ??? in place of the name of the area, until you make landfall and discover it. 

Make sure to continue exploring islands after making your first Discovery, as many have another, if not several others, hidden within them. Some Discoveries are difficult to find, so make sure to explore well (one reported Discovery was actually found only once the player climbed on top of a statue's head!) and look in unexpected places. You can use your spyglass to spot Discoveries: they look like a small blue shield.


A landfall Discovery


All Discovery Zone Types and Locations

Discovery Type


How to find it



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