Maps in MMO Game Atlas are listed on this page to assist players in their exploration and adventures on the high seas. Players can build their own ships, whether they prefer a simple rowboat or a grand galleon, and can sail the high seas to their heart's content, discovering new places and locations along the way. All known locations will be shown on the maps below. 

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Maps of Atlas





A full map of the Atlas world, showing all Islands and land masses and their navigational relationship to one another.


The Atlas world is unusual in that it features no large continental land masses, and is mostly comprised of water, scattered with hundreds of small and tiny islands. It is also absurdly huge - Grapeshot estimate that it would take roughly 30 hours to sail from one edge of the map to the other opposite side, if you sailed nonstop and without diversions or distractions. This enormous Map won't feel sparsely populated, though, as Atlas is able to host 40,000 players at once, on the same map, thanks to innovative server technology allowing what's promised to be a 'seamless handoff' from one piece of hardware to another as you navigate across the Map

The map, though square, 'wraps' to allow players to keep travelling without interruption - sail out of the north-east of the map's representation of the ocean and you will find yourself sailing in at the south-west. 


The map is split up into seven Biomes currently (with an estimated goal of 21 eventually). The Biomes are arranged around a loose concept of two poles and an equator, much like Earth, and you will find cold, polar-style regions towards the north and south of the Map, and tropical, sunny Biomes towards the middle of the Map.

Fog of War and Shroud of War

The above Map shows the Atlas Map in its entirety, while in-game the Fog of War will obscure any as yet unexplored areas, while the Shroud of War obscures enemy territories outside of sight range. The Sextant can be used to increase how much of the Map you can see around you. 


Regional/Biome Maps of Atlas

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