In MMO Game Atlas various Character Stats can be increased using points accrued through XP gain and leveling up. As players progress through the game, various activities such as harvesting resources, crafting and hunting afford your experience. As players hit XP milestones they progress through levels up to level cap of 100, and with each level will receive a point to spend on increasing whichever attribute (or stat) they choose. 

Different playstyles will recommend different choices as players level up. For example, a player who focuses heavily on Crafting and Building may wish to spend a lot of points in Weight, to allow them to carry lots of Resources or Structures, or Intelligence to provide better crafted items. A player who enjoys the adventuring side of Atlas may choose to level Stamina and Movement Speed, to give them a better chance of outrunning dangers, or Health and Melee, to help fight them off - or, of course, a balance of all four, plus a little weight for carting Armor and Weapons around. 
This ability to pick and choose what and how much to level gives players a great amount of freedom and allows for almost innumerable Builds, in the traditional sense. 


Character Stats


Health in Atlas MMO Game represents your total pool of available 'life'. As you take damage, whether from violent attacks or from hunger, thirst, environmental danger or some other threat, this pool depletes until it reaches 0, at which point you are dead and must Respawn. Once your Health is below 30 HP, you will  become Injured, and will move much slower and cannot jump. Health regenerates passively as long as your Food and Water stats are not depleted, and this can be accelerated by eating certain food items such as Cooked Meat. 



Stamina in Atlas MMO Game is a measure of the physical energy available to you, and permits such actions as sprinting, jumping, swimming, harvesting and melee attacks. Stamina regenerates passively once you desist Stamina-depleting actions (eg stop sprinting), but this will cause an accelerated rate of Food and Water consumption until your Stamina is again full. 



The value of your Oxygen Attribute in Atlas MMO Game denotes how long you may remain underwater without beginning to drown, as well as how fast you move in the water.

Fully submerging in water will cause you to drain Oxygen over time until you either surface, at which point the Oxygen stat will regenerate until you re-submerge, or begin to Suffocate when your Oxygen reaches 0. Once you are suffocating, your Health will begin to drain rapidly until you either surface, or die. 



Food in Atlas MMO Game is a measure of how well fed you are - food drains over time and must be replenished by eating [Food Items].  Once your Food reaches 0, you will begin to Starve, which will increase your Torpidity and drain your Health.

The regeneration of Stamina causes Food to drain at a faster rate, as does being Cold



Water in Atlas MMO Game is a measure of how well hydrated you are. Water drains over time and must be replenished by drinking from a body of Water or Tap, standing in the rain, or by using a Waterskin. Once your Water reaches 0, you will become Dehydrated, which will increase your Torpidity and drain your Health.

The regeneration of Stamina causes Water to drain at a faster rate, as does being Hot.



Weight in Atlas MMO Game is a representation of your total carrying capacity. Every item has a weight value, and if the items in your Inventory, including equipped Armor, Weapons and Tools combine to too great a weight, your movement will slow down or even stop. Once your Weight is at roughly 85% of your total Weight capacity, you will become Encumbered, slowing your movement speed and preventing you from jumping. Once your Weight reaches or exceeds your total Weight capacity, you will be unable to move at all until you drop items to reduce your Weight


Melee Damage

Melee Damage in Atlas MMO Game is a measure of the amount of damage dealt when using a melee attack, and of yield when harvesting renewable Resources by hand/with a Tool. The higher your melee, the more damage you deal when using a Melee Attack, and the more resources you get when harvesting from environmental features such as rocks or trees. 

Melee Damage is applied as a multiplier of the Base Damage of the Tool in use. 


Movement Speed

Movement Speed in Atlas MMO Game governs how quickly you can move, both at walking pace and while sprinting. The higher you level your movement speed, the faster you'll be able to walk/run, and the less stamina you'll use while moving around. 

Weight also has an effect on your movement speed: if you are encumbered, you will move slower than you would normally.



Intelligence in Atlas MMO Game  affects how quickly and with what quality your character crafts items such as Tools, Weapons and Armor. Reduces cooldowns on Feats.



Fortitude in Atlas MMO Game measures your resistance against the Weather, Torpidity and Disease. The higher your Fortitude, the higher your natural hypo- and hyperthermal insulation values. The effects of Hypothermia and Hyperthermia are also lessened on you should you succumb to them, and your resistance to Torpidity-increasing effects such as being hit with a Tranquilizer Arrow or stung by a Scorpion is increased. 



Torpidity is a measure of weariness in Atlas MMO Game. Once your Torpidity reaches 50%, you will pass out and drop to the floor, unable to move or access your inventory. Once your Torpidity drains, you will awaken, but if the circumstance which caused the rise in Torpidity is not rectified (such as Dehydration), you will fall unconscious again once your Torpor reaches 50% once more. 

Torpidity dealt as a result of a hostile attack or bite is directly proportional to the amount of damage dealt (for example, where head-shots provide a damage multiplier, they also provide a Torpidity multiplier, and where a Weapon deals higher Damage, it will also deal high Torpor). 

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