Group Mammal
Behavior Territorial
Tameable Yes
Breedable Yes
Rideable Yes
Location/Region Temperate/Tundra
Taming Method Wound/Bola/Feed
Preferred Kibble Honey
Preferred Diet Berries

Bear is one of the Creatures in MMO Atlas. It can be found in multiple grids and can be tamed. 

About the Bear

 Bears are an essential animal to tame due to they are great at gathering fiber and berries and they have very high oxygen making them great for killing water creatures.

You will need Tier 2 taming to tame a bear and they are tamed using the Bola method after reducing the bears health to around 15-20%

You will need Honey, Vegetables or fruits to tame this creature, honey being it's preferred food.



The Bear in ATLAS is a creature that is not aggressive towards players but will fight if attacked or defending other nearby bears.

Drops and Loot

Bears drop Animal Meat, Bone and Pelts.


Basic Stats and Stat Growth


Value at Level 1

Increase per level

Taming Bonus

Melee Damage      
Movement Speed      


Usage and Combat

Strategy for fighting a Bear

Strategy for using a tame Bear to fight for you

Utility (eg harvests X, upgrade Y stat for better harvesting)


Taming and Breeding

 Requires Honey to tame after the bear has been reduced below 15% HP and had a Bola used on it.


Gestation/Incubation Time (Average) 4h
Baby Stage Duration (Average)  4.5 h
Juvenile Stage Duration  
Adolescent Stage Duration  
Total Maturation Time (Average) 44,5h
Breeding Interval  36h
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