Feats in MMO Game Atlas are special skills which can be equipped to a secondary hotbar and used for all sorts of helpful purposes, including healing yourself or your mount, increased repair effectiveness, special Combat attacks, faster reloads and many more...

Feats in Atlas


Repair Fiend

For a large cost in stamina and a large cooldown on stamina recovery, hammer repair effectiveness is temporarily doubled for the owner and everyone nearby (non-stackable).

Discipline: Construction & Mercantilism 
Prerequisites: Advanced Repair Skill 
Cost: 6 Skill Points


Nature's Cry

"Increases the damage boost provided by the Nature's Cry skill"

Discipline: Beastmastery
Prerequisites: Riding Tier 1 
Cost: 2 Skill Points
Upgrades: Improved Nature's Cry (4 SP)
Advanced Nature's Cry (10 SP)


Nature's Touch

This Feat heals over time the Creature you are riding. Each additional upgrade increases the duration of the healing effect. 

Discipline: Beastmastery
Prerequisites: Breeding 
Cost: 2 Skill Points 
Upgrades: Improved Nature's Touch (4 SP)
Advanced Nature's Touch (10 SP)


Power Hit

A strike of tremendous strength is brought down on activation of this Feat, inflicting great damage as well as a stunning effect and torpor on whatever it hits.

Discipline: Hand-to-Hand Combat
Prerequisites: Dexterity, Shrug It Off 
Cost: 2 Skill Points
Upgrades: Improved Power Hit (4 SP)


Circular Slice

A wide, circular slice performed at high speeds. Strikes all enemies in a 360-degree circle centered on the user.

Discipline: Melee Weaponry
Prerequisites: One-handed Weapons Tier 2
Cost: 4 Skill Points
Upgrades: Improved Circular Slice (4 SP)


Tremendous Force

When activated with a two-handed weapon equipped, the player focuses for a short period before striking the ground in front of them to create immense damage. 

Discipline: Melee Weaponry
Prerequisites: Secrets of Two-Handed Weapons
Improved Two-Handed Studies
Cost: 2 Skill Points
Upgrades: Improved Tremendous Force (4 SP)


Piercing Shot

When activated, the player is rooted in place and charges an arrow of energy on their bow. After a short duration, the arrow can be fired. The arrow that is fired penetrates through targets, and has greater speed, damage, and armor penetration.
Durability of the bow is greatly reduced after firing.

Discipline: Archery and Throwing Weapons
Prerequisites: Strong Arm 
Cost: 4 Skill Points
Upgrades: Improved Piercing Shot (6 SP)


Lucky Loader

When activated, the equipped pistol, rifle, or Blunderbuss, is reloaded extremely quickly.

Discipline: Firearms
Prerequisites: Advanced Pistol Steady Aim
Advanced Faster Pistol Reload
Advanced Reload Concentration
Cost: 6 Skill Points



In a pinch, medics have been known to perform miracles.This is one of those miracles. When activated, an equipped Medkit is consumed entirely, and all nearby allied players are healed for an amount.

Discipline: Medicine
Prerequisites: Advanced Physician Skills
Advanced Medical Efficacy
Advanced Medical Assistant
Advanced Medical Longevity
Cost: 8 Skill Points
Upgrades: Improved Savior Feat (10 SP)


Prying Eyes

When activated, for a short duration, you are able to view the contents of any containers, without being able to add or remove any items. You do not need to be on the same team as the container owner.

Discipline: Piracy
Prerequisites: Advanced Eagle Eye
Cost: 4 Skill Points


What's Yours Is Mine

The player who activates this performs a feat of supreme piracy, allowing them to greatly accelerate the rate at which ship claim flags count down.

Discipline: Piracy
Prerequisites: Prying Eyes Feat
Advanced Shoveler
Advanced Plunder
Advanced Stout Liver
Advanced Knowledge of the Old Ones
Cost: 4 Skill Points

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