Tools in MMO Game Atlas refers to the various items found or crafted that assist players with exploration, navigation and utility objectives. Many Tools can be crafted, which gives the character additional XP, and then used for a variety of purposes.

Tools can be equipped via the inventory, either directly or by placing into your hotbar and equipping from there. 

Various Tools have different uses, and some have multiple uses: for example a Pick is good for harvesting Thatch from Trees, Meat from corpses and Metal from rocks, while a Hatchet is effective at harvesting Wood from Trees, Hide from corpses and Stone from rocks. 

  • Tools might have level requirements to craft. See Crafting for further details on how to obtain resources and level up.
  • Tools can be single use, such as a unique Treasure Map, or multiple use, such as the Spyglass.
  • You can access and equip your tools in your inventory menu



All Atlas Tools





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