Temperate Biome

Freeport Regions E4, L5, E12, L12
Lawless Regions A5, D4, E5, K5, L4, M5, A11, E11, K12, L11
Golden Age Islands D12, M12

The Temperate Biome is one of the Biomes in MMO Atlas. Each Biome in Ark has its own unique Creatures and Resources, encouraging you to travel and discover new places across the oceans. 

There are four Temperate Biomes in Atlas, one at each inner diagonal corner, between the Tundra and Tropics Biomes along the East and West edges of the Map


IN-Game Description


About the Temperate Biome




Creatures in the Temperate Biome

Name Spawn Locations Notes
Alpha Snake O5  
Bear A4, A5, B4, B5, D4, D5, E4, E5, K4, K5L4M5N5O4O5A11A12B11B12C11C12E11E12K11K12L11L12, M11, M12, N11N12O12  
Bull A4, D4, D5, E4, E5, K4, K5L4N4N5A11C11C12E11K11L11M11N11N12O11O12  
Boar A5O4D11  
Catfish K5  
Cobra K4K5L4M5K12M11M12N11O12  
Chicken A4, B4, B5, D4, D5A12C11C12E11E12  
Cow A4, A5, B4, B5, D4, D5, E4, E5, K4K5L4M4M5N4N5O4O5A11A12B12C11C12D11E11E12K11K12L11M11N11N12O11O12  
Crow D5, K4K5M4N4N5O5A12B12C12E11O11  
Cyclops D12M12  
Dolphins D4N4  
Giant Ant K5L4K12N12O12  
Giant Snake A4, A5, E5M4N4N5 , O5C11D11N12  
Giant Bee A5, D5, K4K5L4N4E11K12N12O12  
Horse A4, A5, B4, B5, E4, E5, K4K5L4M5N4N5O5C11C12E11K12L11M11O12  
Monkey K4K5L4M4M5N4O5K11K12L11L12M11N12O11O12  
Lion A4, A5, E5L4M4N4N5O4O5A11A12B12C11C12E11K12L11M11O11O12  
Manta Ray A5, D5M4N4E11  
Ostrich D5  
Pig A4, B4, B5, D4, D5, E4, E5K5L4M4N4N5O5A12C11C12E12K12L12M11M12N11N12O11O12  
Rabbit A4, A5, B4, B5, D5, E4, K4K5L4M5N4N5A12B12C12E12L11L12M11N11N12O12  
Rattlesnake A4, A5, B4, B5K5L4M4M5N4N5O5A12B12C11K12M11M12N11N12  
Sea Bass A5, D5M4E11  
Seagull D5, E4, K4K5L4M4N4N5O4O5A12B12C12E11K11K12L11N11N12O11O12  
Sheep A4, A5, B4, B5, E4, K4K5L4M5N5O4O5C11D11K11K12L11L12M11N11N12O11O12  
Snake A11L11O11  
Spider K5L4M5K11M11O12  
Shark D5, E4M4N4E11  
Turtle A4, D5, E4, K4K5L4N4A12K12L11L12N11N12O12  
Tiger K4K5L4M4M5N4N5O4O5K12M11O11O12  
Tuna A5, D5N4E11  
Wolf A4, A5, B4, B5, D4, D5M5A12B12C11C12E11M12  



Resources and Consumables in the Temperate Biome 


Name Spawn Locations Notes
Aged Wood A5, C5  
Anthracite A5, B4, B5, E4, E5A12, B11  
Basalt B11  
Bamboo K12L11O11  
calcite_pearls_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Calcite K4, K11K12O12  
Chert M4, M5N4K11K12L11O12  
Crystal L5M5L12  
Copper C5  
Coal E12K11L12  
Chert C5N12  
Dark Wood K5, L4O4K12L11O11  
emerald_gem_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Emerald A4, B4, E4, E5A11, A12B11, B12, C12E11  
Fiber L5, O5E12, L12  
Flake Salt C5  
Flint E12L12N11  
Fronds B12, D11E11  
Garnet A12  
Granite A4, B4, B5, D4A12, B12C12E11  
Gems A5  
Hemp K5M4M5N5O4K12L11N12, O11O12  
Iron A4, A5, B4, B5, C5, D4, E4, E5O5, A11A12B11B12C12D11E11  
Jute C5  
Lightwood K12  
Marble B11  
Metal E12  
Opal B4, B5, C5, E4, E5A11B11B12C12E11  
Parsley C5  
Quartz A5, B4, B5, D4A12B12D11E11  
Roots C5  
Radiolarite A4, B4, B5, D4, E4, E5A12B11B12C12D11E11  
Rushes A4, A5, B4, B5, D4, E4, E5, K4M4M5N4, N5O5A12B11B12C12D11E11K11K12L11N12O11O12  
Ruby K5L4M4N4O5K11K12L11N11N12O11O12  
Sandstone C5, K4O4N11  
Sap K4M4  
Sea Salt O4N11  
Silk M4O4K12  
Silver K4, K5L4M4M5N4N5O4O5K11K12L11, N11, N12O11, O12  
Slate A4, B4, B5, D4, E4, E5M4M5N4B12C12D11E11K11K12L11N11N12O12  
Softwood K4, K5L4M4M5N4N5O5K11K12, L11N11N12O11O12  
Stone E12L12N11  
Straw A4, A5, B4, B5, D4, E4, E5, K4M4M5N4N5A12B12D11E11K11K12L11N12O11O12  
Strongwood O5B12D11E11  
Syrup A4, A5, B4, B5K5M5N4O5A12B11B12C12E11N11N12O11O12  
Sulfur K5N4K12  
Sugar K11  
Sunstone K4M5  
Tin L12  
Thatch E12L12N11  
Wetwood A5, B4, B5, D4, E4, E5A11A12B11B12C12D11, E11  
Wood L5, E12L12  



Name Spawn Location Notes
Aloe L4L5  
Bamboo O4  
Blackberry K5L5, M4, M5, N4O5, O4K12L11L12N11N12O12  
Carrot M4O5B11B12C12D11N12O11  
Celery A12  
Chamomile B12, C11C12D11E11  
Elderberry N5  
Mint K5L4L5M5O4O5B12C11C12K11K12N11N12O11O12  
Oregano K5L5M4M5O4B11B12C11C12E11K11L12N12  
Onion O5, B11B12C12N12O11  
Potato N4B12E11E12L11N11  
Pepper O5B12C12D11N12  
Schisandra K5L5M4N4O4B12C11C12D11E11E12K11K12L11L12N11N12  
Strawberry B12C11C12D11E11  
Wheatgrass K5L4L5M4M5K11K12L12N12O12  
Wild Carrot L5C11E11K11L12  
Wild Onion K5 ,M5O4C11E11K11O12  
Wild Pepper L4L5B11C11E11K11K12L11L12O12  



NPCs and Merchants

Image Name Locations Notes


Temperate Biome Quests

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Notable items or Locations in Temperate Biome

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Tips & Notes

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