Group Mammal 
Behavior Aggressive 
Tameable Yes
Breedable Yes
Rideable Yes
Beast of Burden Yes/No
Location/Region Temperate/Tundra
Diet Carnivore 
Taming Method Wound/Bolo
Preferred Kibble Bone 
Preferred Food Carnivore 

The Wolf is one of the Creatures in MMO Game  Atlas. It can be found in the Temperate Biome and Tundra Biome and can be tamed. 


About the Wolf

Highly intelligent, this carnivore will actively chase and kill all animals it encounters. It will hunt together and it's bite is extremely deadly.





Drops and Loot

Hide / Bone / Animal Meat

Basic Stats and Stat Growth


Value at Level 1

Increase per level

Taming Bonus

Health 90 +13.5  
Stamina 210 +21  
Oxygen 150 +15  
Food 1200 +120  
Weight 190 +3.8  
Melee Damage      
Movement Speed      
Torpidity 1000    


Usage and Combat

Strategy for fighting a Wolf

Strategy for using a tame Wolf to fight for you

Utility (eg harvests X, upgrade Y stat for better harvesting)


Taming and Breeding


Trap method works the best for taming these dangerous carnivores. Wound animal to approx 25% or less, bolo, feed bone from last slot of hot bar. 



Gestation/Incubation Time  
Baby Stage Duration  
Juvenile Stage Duration  
Adolescent Stage Duration  
Total Maturation Time  
Breeding Interval  


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    • Anonymous

      i plan on breeding wolfs tonight in the central tungra region, ill let you know how it goes or message me on xbox -- SavageJHWolf99

      • Anonymous

        When you down a wolf with a bola feed it bones in you zero slot . You will need lot of bolas as the timer will run out after about 1min 30sec . I will get back up and eat your face again. Good Luck haven't seen anyone actually pull this off . You may need a trap and a group of guys and a ton of bones and bolas .

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