Environmental Hazards in Atlas provides information about the various dangers players might run into on the high seas, beyond the creatures - and other players! - which might attack. Examples might include poison gases, radiation or intense darkness, blinding the player. Also listed are the various defenses players might employ against such hazards, such a defensive clothing or ship-based defenses. 

All Environmental Hazards

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures at both the hot and cold ends of the spectrum can make survival difficult. If you are too hot, you will drain water more quickly, and if too cold, food will drain faster. If the temperatures are too extreme, you may suffer from Hypothermia or Hypethermia. Wear Armor with appropriate insulation properties for your travels (eg wear Fur Armor to go to cold places!) and ensure you always have enough Food and Water to keep you fed and hydrated. 


Tornadoes or Water Spouts

Tornadoes are a terrible danger out on the open ocean, through not too difficult to avoid if you keep a keen eye out and have a skilled hand at the Sails. If you Sail into a Tornado, it will damage (sink?) your Ship, but if you manage to avoid them they're not too quick and will easily be left behind. 


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