Building in MMO Game Atlas is the mechanic by which players can construct and upgrade their Ships and Forts (or Bases). It utilizes a tile-based system, allowing for immense customization. Players can choose exactly where each sail and porthole is located on their ship, or construct vast bases on land to impress visitors, or keep them at bay. 

Building in MMO Atlas follows some basic physical laws, such as requiring support for upper floors etc, but other than a basic grounding in the possible the building system in Atlas permits a vast degree of creativity and originality. 

Atlas' building system incorporates automatic elevation adjustment for foundations, 'dynamic tile type swapping', snap-point prediction and preview functions, 'integrated plumbing systems' - and everything can be painted, down to the pixel. 


Building Structures

Wood Structures

Stone Structures

Building Ideas and Inspiration

Building A Ship

Building A Fort

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