Bosses in Atlas MMO Game are covered on this page.  There are some elite AI creatures in Atlas which may attack players as they explore the vast Oceans and their many Islands. 

Boss Information

The Bosses in Atlas are seen in two major tiers - the Golden Age or lesser bosses, which reside on the Golden Age Ruins islands (except the Ghost Ship, which must be found out at Sea) and will spawn as either a Hydra or Dragon, and the major Boss, the Kraken. Defeating the lesser bosses will grant you the means to collect the 9 Power Stones (8 from the various islands and 1 from the Ghost Ship), and once you have all 9 Power Stones and travel to the Center Maw at the center of the Map, the final boss the Kraken will spawn for you to defeat.


Golden Age Ruins Bosses


Final Boss - The Kraken




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