Building in MMO Game  Atlas is the mechanic by which players can construct and upgrade their Ships and Forts (or Bases). It utilizes a tile-based system, allowing for immense customization. Players can choose exactly where each sail and porthole is located on their ship, or construct vast bases on land to impress visitors, or keep them at bay. 

Building in MMO Atlas follows some basic physical laws, such as requiring support for upper floors etc, but other than a basic grounding in the possible the building system in Atlas permits a vast degree of creativity and originality. 

Atlas' building system incorporates automatic elevation adjustment for foundations, 'dynamic tile type swapping', snap-point prediction and preview functions, 'integrated plumbing systems' - and everything can be painted, down to the pixel. 


Fort Building in Atlas

This page covers useful information and tips for Building A Fort on Land. For more Building information please see our Building in Atlas page.


Building A Fort

Buildings can be built of different materials, from wood to stone and even through to forged metal, providing different levels of defense and protection from the elements and one's foes. The individual Structures used in Building are unlocked as Engrams as players reach certain levels. Once a player has learned an Engram, it will show them the requisite materials for crafting that structure. Once structures are crafted, they can be placed into the world and combined to create a tiny shack, or the Fort of your heart's desire.

There is no set way to build a Fort - no skeleton framework from which to begin such as in the case of building a Ship. When building a Fort on land you are limited only by your own imagination and the laws of physics. For example, a building must have support and cannot float freely, but if it has support from the ground can be built to fantastical shapes. 

Learning to build in Atlas is a matter of becoming familiar with the different building pieces, such as Floors, Ceilings, Walls and Roofs, learning the mechanics of what can and cannot be built - such as no magical floating structures! - and experimenting. 

As there are no definite requirements for building a Fort, we will not here attempt a tutorial as such but simply examine the various options available so that you might build your own. 


Structure Types

There are three tiers of Structures in Atlas: Thatch, Wood and Stone. Thatch is very vulnerable to attacks and will be damaged or even destroyed easily, but is easy and cheap to craft. Wood affords a little more protection, while Stone structures are the safest from attack and have the highest health. 



Thatch Structures


Wood Structures


Stone Structures



There are many different Structures that can be used to build in Atlas, but the primary ones are as follows:

  • Floors: floor pieces can be placed directly on the ground and act as the foundation for your building.
  • Ceilings: ceilings provide flat roofs or internal upper floors/ceilings to lower floors.
  • Roof: roof pieces provide your house with a roof and protection from the elements. 
  • Walls: wall tiles provide the upright structure of your house, and confer structural support from floors upwards.
  • Pillars: pillars can be placed directly onto the ground or onto Floors/Ceilings. They also confer support to upper floors.

Remember that within each Structure type are also sub-types, so for example the Ceiling can also be a Triangular Ceiling or a trapdoor. Press 'T' while placing to cycle through these options. 















Finishing Touches

Once you have built the structure of your Fort you can add internal furnishing and structures such as Beds, Crafting Stations and other useful items, as well as external defenses such as Cannons, Puckles or Catapults to dissuade would-be attackers. 

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