Survival in MMO Game Atlas covers all the points you'll need to be aware of in order to succeed in surviving the seas and islands of Atlas

In addition to the simple elements of survival as seen in Atlas' older sister, Ark: Survival Evolved, such as keeping one's character fed, watered and warm enough, Atlas introduces further survival elements, such as vitamin benefits and deficiencies - watch out, you don't want to develop the ol' sailor's disease, Scurvy! 


Keeping your character fed is a vital aspect of Survival in Atlas. When your Food Attribute drops to 0, you will begin to Starve, and must eat food items to replenish it. Be careful to eat a variety of foods to ensure you keep your Vitamins balanced.  See Items for more information.


Keeping your character hydrated is just as important as keeping them fed. You can drink directly from freshwater sources such as rivers or lakes, and fill your Waterskins from them. Waterskins and Canteens allow you to carry water with you for long journeys across the ocean or away from home. Water can also be obtained by digging in moist dirt with your hands or a Shovel


Alongside your Food and Water, you must also keep close watch on your Vitamin depletion levels. There are four types of Vitamins that need to be kept topped up: Fruit Vitamins (orange bar), Vegetable Vitamins (pale green bar), Fish Vitamins (blue or teal bar), and Proteins (purple bar) such as cooked meats. You must keep these bars from emptying out but be careful too not to overfill any of your Vitamin bars, as this can also make you unwell, causing Health Point damage similar to Starvation or Dehydration. See Items for more information.

Keeping Warm/Cooling Down

It is important to keep an eye on your environment and dress accordingly. If you are too hot or cold, your character's Food and Water attributes (respectively) will drain faster. Wear warmer Armor in cold places, and heat mitigating Armor in hot places, to keep your character comfortable. 

Hostile Creatures

In addition to surviving the environment, you must also beware of Creatures with ill intent. While some creatures are passive and will flee if attacked, and others will ignore you until attacked, at which point they will defend themselves, yet others will simply attack you on sight. Stay aware and make sure you know the dangers ahead of you on your voyages, and prepare appropriately! 

Environmental Hazards

Hazards such as Tornadoes and Waterspouts have been known to terrorize the Sailors and Adventurers of Atlas, so beware and make sure you have all possible defenses in place - including a respawn point on your Ship or at your Fort, should the worst happen! 


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