NPCs and Merchants in MMO Game Atlas can perform many functions: they may act as crewmen for the player's ship, or they may linger at Freeports and other locations waiting to trade with or give quests to players. 



The Shipyardsman can be found at any Freeport and is able to help you build your first Raft.

The Shipyardsman is also able to you construct a pre-built Ramshackle Sloop. This Sloop will have permanently lower Plank HP, carry weight and crew limit, but is  a quick way to get into Sailing. 

The Shipyardsman can be found at the docks of any Freeport. 


Crew Recruiter

The Crew Recruiter can be found at any Freeport and is able to help you recruit a Crew at a cost of 5 Gold Coins per crewmember.


Cosmetics Vendor

The Cosmetics Vendor can be found at a Freeport and sells Cosmetics such as dyes.



NPC Crewmembers can be hired for 5 Gold Coins each, and will perform different functions on your Ship such as manning the Sails or Cannons, or completing repairs to the Ship for as long as they are paid their hourly rate (varies depending on their task).

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