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Treasure Maps in Atlas MMO Game are procedurally generated maps leading to great loot. Every Treasure Map is different, providing new adventures and varied journeys, enemies and rewards each time. Below is information on how to find Treasure Maps in Atlas Game MMO.


How to Get Treasure Maps in Atlas

Treasure Maps can be found in bottles floating in the water along the shore glowing in various colors (eg. Purple, Gold, White). They can also be found in Loot Crates in the middle of the ocean while sailing.


How to Use Treasure Maps in Atlas

If you highlight a Treasure map in your inventory it will tell you which Region to go to find the Treasure Chest, the quality of the Treasure, and a minimum amount of gold you will find in the Treasure Chest. Simply go to the correct region and find the island or shoreline that looks like what you see on the map. Once you get close to the right place, a marker will appear on the ground to show you where to dig for the Treasure.

Beware as you approach, for once you get close to the dig site Soldiers of the Damned will pop up and attack. The difficulty and number of enemies you must kill scales depending on the quality and rarity of the Treasure Map. Kill all of the Soldiers and the accompanying Guardian of the Damned to dig for the buried Treasure Chest. 







What Loot Can You Get From Treasure Chests in Atlas?



Treasure Map Notes

  • The Guardian of the Damned has a melee attack which may stun you, so you may wish to use a ranged weapon to kill him. Be careful not to get too far away, as the Guardian will disappear back into the ground and reset. Aiming for the face bypasses the need to break the Guardian's armor. 
  • Flame Arrows can be useful when fighting Soldiers of the Damned. If you fire the arrows into the ground between you and your enemy, the soldiers will often run over the flames, clearing a fair few of them out for you. 
  • There is no cool-down on Treasure Maps.
  • Treasure Maps have a spoil time of just over 3 days.

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