Equatorial Biome

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Rare Creatures Elephant
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The Equatorial Biome is one of the Biomes in MMO Atlas. Each Biome in Ark has its own unique Creatures and Resources, encouraging you to travel and discover new places across the oceans. 

There is one Equatorial Biome in Atlas, through the middle of the Map from East to West. 


IN-Game Description


Freeports in the Equatorial Biome




Golden Age Ruins in the Equatorial Biome

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About the Equatorial Biome

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Resources and Creatures in the Equatorial Biome


Image Name Spawn Locations Notes
  Army of the Damned E8  
  Bull A8I8K8N8  
  Boar E8J8  
  Bear M8  
  Chicken A8E8I8  
  Cow A8I8J8K8N8  
  Cobra G8I8J8K8  
  Crocodile A8E8G8I8J8K8  
  Cyclops E8  
  Elephant A8E8G8I8J8K8L8, M8N8O8  
  Giant Ant A8I8K8  
  Giant Snake A8E8N8  
  Gorgon E8  
  Horse I8J8K8N8  
  Lion K8  
  Monkey A8D8E8I8K8  
  Manta Ray K8  
  Parrot A8D8E8G8I8J8K8L8M8  
  Pig A8D8G8I8K8M8N8  
  Rattlesnake A8E8I8J8K8  
  Scorpion A8E8G8I8J8K8M8N8  
  Seagull A8D8G8I8J8K8M8N8  
  Sea Bass D8K8  
  Spider A8I8K8  
  Tiger A8I8J8K8N8  
  Tuna D8K8  
  Turtle A8D8G8I8J8K8N8  
  Vulture E8  
  Wolf A8G8I8J8K8N8  



Image Name Spawn Locations Notes
  Bark A8, C8, K8N8  
  Basalt K8, O8  
  Chert A8C8G8, J8K8N8  
  Coquina A8C8, G8K8N8  
  Cobalt B8C8G8, I8J8N8O8  
  Cocoa I8  
  Chalcedony K8  
  Fronds A8C8G8J8K8N8O8  
  Fiber D8  
  Flint D8L8  
  Gum A8, B8G8I8K8O8  
  Granite J8  
  Iodine A8B8G8I8J8K8O8  
  Iron A8C8G8K8N8O8  
  Metal D8L8  
  Olive N8  
  Jute A8B8C8G8I8J8K8N8O8  
  Herkimer A8B8G8J8K8  
  Salt D8I8, L8  
  Sea Salt A8B8C8G8  
  Sea Grape N8  
  Stone D8I8L8  
  Sulfur A8C8G8I8J8K8  
  Strongwood A8C8G8J8K8N8O8  
  Thatch D8L8  
  Thyme I8  
  Wood D8I8L8  


NPCs and Merchants

Image Name Locations Notes


Equatorial Biome Quests

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Notable items or Locations in Equatorial Biome

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Tips & Notes

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