Crew in MMO Game Atlas refers to the team of people a Captain forms around themselves in order to sail their ship efficiently. While it is entirely possible to man a ship entirely by oneself, players may find it easier and more enjoyable to hire on people to help.  Be careful, though - if your AI crew members are not paid on time, they may start a mutiny against you!

A crew can be formed of real players or AI sailors and pirates, or a mixture of the two. 

Optimal size for a crew is 5 or 6 people, but a skilled crew of two can handle a ship if they know what they're doing, and a well-organised team of two can be more efficient than a team of 6 who can't work together. Assemble your crew with care - they could be your saving grace, or what sinks you. 

How to Recruit Players to your Crew

Real players can be recruited to your crew at Freeports to fight alongside you and help sail your ship. 

How? How is loot/rewards shared among real players?

How to Recruit AI Crewmen

  • Basic Sailors
    AI crewmen can be recruited at Freeports.

  • Seasoned Sailors
    Seasoned sailors may be recruited from 'Army of the Damned' shipwrecks, and can perform more specific functions than novice sailors. 



Captains may appoint other players as Lieutenants on their Ship. Lieutenants may direct the AI to fulfil such tasks as adjusting the Sails or firing the Cannons. 


Types of Crewmember




    • 24 Jan 2019 15:28  

      Cost of AI crewmen Recruited AI crew members have a gold maintenance cost. Gold is drawn from the ships resource box. Failure to supply gold for AI crew members, will cause them to mutiny, causing the NPC to, turn hostile towards nearby players and objects. Cost of the AI crew members varies depending on the ships captains rank of 'Cheaper Crew' from the 'Captaineering' skill tree. Additionally the task which the crew member is performing, also changes the gold maintenance cost. Note: All of the above, is also true for any AI crew members used on land.

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