Ships are an integral part of MMO Game  Atlas. In Atlas, you need to build your own ship and use it to explore the vast oceans, defend yourself and crewmates from both the dangers of the deep and other players, and attack others for their loot and riches.

Players can personally man cannons, unfurl and turn sails, and patch holes in their ship, among myriad other tasks, from the vital to the inconsequential. On bigger ships, you'll need a coordinated team to manage everything, Atlas also will let players hire NPC crew members to boss around. Maintaining a strong, cohesive crew is an important part of Atlas.


Types of Ship in Atlas






How to Build a Ship in Atlas

To build a Ship, you must first unlock the Seamanship tree (via Survivalism Skill Tree > Construction & Mercantilism Skill Tree > Seamanship Skill Tree). The Basics of Sailing Skill unlocks the first tier of Shipbuilding, allowing you to build the Raft, the Buoy, the Rowboat and the Tiny Shipyard. Later Skills in the Seamanship Skill Tree unlock higher tier Ships and other component Ship parts. 

To build a Ship, you must first build the correct Shipyard. The Raft and Rowboat may be crafted at the Tiny Shipyard, the Sloop and Schooner at the Small Shipyard, and the Brigantine and Galleon can be crafted at the Large Shipyard. Make sure to place the Shipyard far enough into the water, as if it is not deep enough you risk the boat falling apart when you try to drop it into too-shallow water. To be safe, it's worth placing it fully submerged. 



Controls: How to Sail a Ship in Atlas

When you approach the mast, you hold down E and will get the action wheel, select rotate to a certain direction or raise/lower sails a certain amount. 

If you have NPC crew, they can be mounted on the sails and control the rotation and raising/lowering for you from the steering wheel.



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