Weapons in MMO Game Atlas refers to damage-dealing equipment and items that can be obtained and used by players and hostiles. Atlas provides a wide range of weapons from melee weapons like swords and sabers to firearms like pistols and blunderbuss. Players need to gather resources to craft these weapons, or buy them from other players/merchants. Crafting can give your character additional XP.

Weapons can be equipped via the inventory and can be used to fight enemies and defend oneself. Weapons may be equipped to the Hot Bar for easy access or equipped directly from the inventory.


How to pick a good Weapon in Atlas

As in many games, players should focus on obtaining the right tool for the right job: ranged explosives can work well for defensive and maritime combat, whilst close-quarter will likely benefit from wide-swinging two-handed swords.

  • It is advised to look to your character and determine what Disciplines, Skills and Feats can be best used to combine with your Weapons of choice.



All Weapons in Atlas


Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons such as Swords and Pikes can be used in close-quarters combat and are effective against many enemies. 




Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons offer a more removed style of battle, allowing you to take out your enemies from a distance. 




Structural Weapons

Structural Weapons include those that you might affix to your Ship or place to defend a Fort, such as Ballista Turrets and Cannons.






Ammo includes items like Arrows and the various Bullets you might fire from Weapons in Atlas MMO Game.


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