Type Mammal 
Behavior Passive
Tameable Yes
Breedable ?
Rideable No
Location/Region Tropics Biome/Equatorial Biome
Taming Method Passive
Preferred Kibble ?
Preferred Diet Berries

Monkey is one of the Creatures in MMO Atlas. It can be found in the Tropics Biome/Equatorial Biome and can be tamed. 

About the Monkey

The Monkey is a passive creature that will flee if attacked. If tamed, the Monkey can be picked up to sit on the player's shoulder. 





Drops and Loot

Health Buff when should mounted/Fiber if left on wander.

Animal Meat




Basic Stats and Stat Growth


Value at Level 1

Increase per level

Taming Bonus

Melee Damage      
Movement Speed      


Usage and Combat

Strategy for fighting a Monkey

Strategy for using a tame Monkey to fight for you

This is a shoulder pet that flings its poo in combat. Each shot is a DPS attack, with an associated speed reduction effect.

Utility (eg harvests X, upgrade Y stat for better harvesting)

Great for defense in a fight, however, it takes some time for the poo effect to recharge. Additionally, because the shot moves so slow, it has limited efficiency against flying foes. 

Taming and Breeding

 Sneak behind the monkey with crouch (C) and passive tame with berries (last hotbar slot, press E.) Touching the monkey elicits a flight response. You should hear the monkey cry out three times, changing direction each time, while fleeing. After the third dash, it settles back down. Be aware that if a monkey cries out near another monkey, they will both flee.


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