Type Bird
Behavior Neutral 
Tameable Yes
Breedable Yes/No
Rideable No
Location/Region Tropics Biome/Equatorial Biome
Taming Method Wound/Bolo/Feed
Preferred Kibble Hardtack
Preferred Diet Herbivore
Buff Fortitude bonus when shoulder-mounted

Parrot is one of the Creatures in MMO Game Atlas. It can be found in the Tropics Biome/Equatorial Biome and can be tamed. 

About the Parrot

The Parrot is a Neutral creature that will only attack you if attacked first.

If tamed, the Parrot can be picked up to sit on your shoulder. While on your shoulder, the Parrot buffs your Fortitude (buff amount dependent on bird's level/stats). Leveling Health on the Parrot will increase the Fortitude buff. 



Neutral: passive until attacked. 


Drops and Loot


Basic Stats and Stat Growth


Value at Level 1

Increase per level

Taming Bonus

Health 32 +4.8  
Stamina 150 +15  
Oxygen 150 +15  
Food 900 +90  
Weight 15 +0.3  
Melee Damage      
Movement Speed      


Usage and Combat

Strategy for fighting a Parrot

Strategy for using a tame Parrot to fight for you

Utility (eg harvests X, upgrade Y stat for better harvesting)


Taming and Breeding

 Taming the parrot is something akin to pokemon. You need to have the taming skill and bolas. You must damage the parrot down to about 20% health then you can switch to your bolas to get it on the ground. I suggest having another player with you to assist with the tame. Backing up as the parrot attacks will give you a better chance to hit it with the bola. The parrot eats hardtack to tame. Hardtack must be cooked using maze or wheat and water in the cooking pot. 

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    • Anonymous

      I wish you could use the parrot to fetch the bottles along the shorelines. Have it as an option to turn off or on and change the range on how far away it sees them to get them. Then lands back on your shoulder and squarks to say it has one. It has to be on your shoulder to work perhaps.

      • Anonymous

        my fav bird is a parrot! they are amazing! i would love to catch one and tame one i just want a net too(; any hints?

        • Anonymous

          Parrots only give like 2-5 fortitude (depends on lvl) when picked up. Lvling health increases the fortitude bonus by around 0.1 point.

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