Ammo or Ammunition in MMO Atlas are used as ordnance for ranged weapons. Ammo (or ammunition) describes the items needed to use some weapons, such as bullets for Firearms and arrows for Bows. Players need to gather resources to craft this Ammo, or buy them from other players/merchants. Crafting can give your character additional XP.



List of All Ammo in Atlas



Base Damage

Skills Unlock

Crafting Materials

Upgrades Available

Arrow   Basics of the Bow - Archery and Throwing Weapons    
Arrow Anchor        
Ballista Arrow        
Barshot   Barshot Unlock - Artillery    
Canister Shot   Canister Shot Unlock - Artillery    
Catapult Boulder   Siege Studies - Artillery    
Flame Arrow   Secrets of the Bow - Archery and Throwing Weapons    
Grape Shot   Swivel Gun Studies - Artillery    
Liquid Flame   Greek Fire - Artillery    
Mortar Shot   Mortar Studies - Artillery    
Puckle Bullet   Gatling Studies - Artillery    
Simple Bullet   Pistol Basics - Firearms    
Simple Shot   Basics of the Blunderbuss - Firearms    
Spikeshot   Spikeshot Unlock - Artillery    
Zipline Anchor   Secrets of the Bow - Archery and Throwing Weapons    

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