Large Cannon

Type Ranged Siege
Base Damage 480
Weight 100
Durability ?
Crafting Station Smithy
Resources 48 Alloy
24 Fibers
35 Hide
78 Wood
Ammo Large Cannon Ball

Large Cannon is one of the Weapons in MMO Atlas. Large Cannon is a craftable item. Weapons are used to deal damage to Creatures, enemy Ships and, in some instances, other players. Different weapons have different attack values, and are therefore more or less effective.


About the Large Cannon

The Large Cannon is a large mounted weapon used for dealing damage against enemy Ships.


How to Get a Large Cannon

  • The Large Cannon is unlocked via [Skills]
  • Once unlocked, the Large Cannon can be crafted in the Smithy(?) using the following resources:


Large Cannon Use

  • The Large Cannon can be mounted on a Ship or on a Field Gun Trailer (?).
  • The Large Cannon does a lot more damage against enemy Ships and Structures than against animals.
  • Large Cannons can be pin-locked for activation and deactivation via Lever.
  • The Large Cannon can only aim on the vertical axis, so you will need a great team  of sailors on the helm and sails  to get the right angles for firing with the Large Cannon.


Large Cannon Notes

  • Any other Note and Trivia goes here



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