Carbine Rifle

Flintlock Pistol-weapon_atlas_game_wiki_guide
Type Ranged
Base Damage 136
340 (headshot)
Weight ?
Durability 40
Magazine 1
Crafting Station Smithy
Resources 16 Flint
18 Hide
36 Metal
8 Oil
22 Wood
Use Medium- to long-range combat
Ammo Minni Ball
Spawn Command cheat gfi sniper 1 0 0

Carbine Rifle is one of the Weapons in MMO Atlas. Carbine Rifle is a craftable item. Weapons are used to deal damage to Creatures and, in some instances, other players. Different weapons have different attack values, and are therefore more or less effective.


About the Carbine Rifle

The Carbine is a rifle which provides a longer range than other ranged weapons such as the Flintlock or Blunderbuss, but at a lower damage. 


How to Get a Carbine Rifle

The Carbine Rifle is a crafted weapon. First it must be unlocked using the following Skill path:

  1. Tools of the Trade (1)
  2. Archery (3)
  3. Ballistic Studies (2)
  4. Improved Ballistic Studies (4)
  5. Expert Ballistic Studies (10)
  6. Sapper (6) 
  7. Firearms Unlock (4)
  8. Pistol Basics (2)
  9. Firearm Studies (2)
  10. Improved Firearm Studies (4)
  11. Basics of the Blunderbuss (8)
  12. Expert Firearms Studies (10)
  13. Secrets of the Rifle (8)

    Total Skill Points (64)


Once unlocked, the Flintlock can be crafted in the Smithy using the following resources:

Resources to craft:

Resources to repair

Carbine Rifle Use

The Flintlock is useable with either one hand or with two pistols, one in each hand. When in use with one hand, it can be hip fired or ADS'ed and fired. With both pistols in hand, they can only be hip fired using left click for the left pistol or right click for the right pistol. Also, multiple pistols can be stored on the hotbar and quick switched between using Left Alt which switches between loaded pistols. Each pistol must be reloaded separately. The animation takes a long time to complete and can be hastened by successfully completing the three challenges however it is still very slow. In combat it is near impossible to reload so having multiple pistols on the hotbar is the best solution.


Carbine Rifle Notes

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