Type Medicine
Effect Restores health
Crafting Station Mortar and Pestle
Resources 4 Hide
12 Medicinal Herbs
8 Organic Paste
10 Vegetable Seeds

Medkit is a Tool Item in MMO Atlas. Medkit is a Medicine tool, and can be Crafted. Players use medkits to restore health.


About the Medkit

In order to craft a medkit, players must unlock the first tier of the Medicine skill tree, Basic Medical Studies. 

Basic facts, information about this tool, such as its level requirements, item ID, etc.


How to Get a Medkit

After unlocking the Basic Medical Studies tier, players can craft a medkit using:


Medkit Use

The Medkit is equipped to the hotbar and drawn in the same manner as Weapons or Tools. When another player is in range, left click to heal them, or right click to reduce their torpor. 

There is a cooldown on giving another player a healing treatment and receiving one yourself (time?).

You cannot treat yourself with the Medkit - it must be done by another player. 


Medkit Notes

  • ??



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