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Type Music Instrument
Effect Provides buffs within its area of effect
Crafting Station Tannery
Resources ??

Accordion is a Tool Item in MMO Atlas. Accordion is a tool and can be Crafted. Players use tools for a variety of actions in game, ranging from discovery and exploration to harvesting useful resources, and even navigation of the game's many Locations.


About the Accordion

Basic facts, information about this tool, such as its level requirements, item ID, etc.

  • The accordion is unlocked via the Piracy Discipline and taking the second skill that unlocks the Music and Dance Discipline.
  • This instrument Provides buffs within its area of effect which can be increased with skills in the Music and Dance Skill Tree.


How to Get a Accordion

Where can it be bought and how much?


Accordion Use

  • Tool is used to Buff nearby players.
  • Uses Accordion Notes as "ammo"


Accordion Notes

  • Of Seas and Sails - Taming Buff
  • A Mockatoo Once Told Me - Gold Coin Yield
  • She Heard the Siren's Call - XP boost for Pathfinders and Creatures



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    • Anonymous

      Of Sea and Sails = Speed Buff A mockatoo Once Told Me = XP Buff She heard the Siren's call = (maybe a taming buff or a calming animal buff - A lion licking a hand)

      • Anonymous

        Does anybody know if playing sheet music actually applies any buff at the moment? So far I haven't seen a buff come up in my character's info after completing a song successfully. Is this a class they are still developing at the moment?

        • Anonymous

          Drag notes on accardion and they will be shown Retard hotkeys and retard placement of notes, why not vertical. Horizontal so idiot...

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