Type Melee
Base Damage ?
Craftable Yes/No
Resources ?
Use ?

The Pickaxe is one of the Tools in MMO Game Atlas. It is a craftable item. 


About the Pickaxe

The Pickaxe is one of the basic Tools in Atlas and is likely to be one of the first things crafted. It can be used to harvest many things, but its most efficient uses are to harvest Thatch from trees, Flint and Coal from rocks, and Animal Meat from dead Creatures


How to Get a Pickaxe

The Pickaxe is a craftable item and can be crafted in your inventory. 




  • Harvests X from X
  • etc


Pickaxe Variants


Stone Pickaxe

The Stone Pickaxe is the first tier of Pickaxe
Crafted in Player Inventory
Resources 2 Fibers
6 Stone
6 Wood 
Repair  1 Fibers
3 Stone
3 Wood

Metal Pickaxe

The Metal Pickaxe is the second and last tier of Pickaxe
Crafted in Smithy
Resources ?? Metal Ingots
?? Hide?
Repair 2 Metal 


Pickaxe Notes

  • ??
  • The Metal Pickaxe can be used to gain Metal Resources from rocks


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