Climbing Pick



Type Exploration
Effect Allows the player to traverse the landscape vertically - climb walls and cliffs etc
Crafting Station Smithy
Resources 12 Fibers
4 Hide
8 Metal
8 Wood

Climbing Pick is a Tool Item in MMO Atlas. Climbing Pick is a Exploration tool, and can/cannot be Crafted. Players use tools for a variety of actions in game, ranging from discovery and exploration to harvesting useful resources, and even navigation of the game's many Locations.


About the Climbing Pick

Allows the player to traverse the landscape vertically - climb walls and cliffs etc

Basic facts, information about this tool, such as its level requirements, item ID, etc.


How to Get a Climbing Pick

The Climbing Pick can be crafted in the Smithy, using 12 Fibers, 4 Hide, 8 Metal and 8 Wood.


Climbing Pick Use

How is this tool used?


Climbing Pick Notes

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    • Anonymous

      23 Mar 2020 14:37  

      Climbing picks are a great way to scale cliff sides, but note, cliff climbing should be carefully planned. Your character can only climb as high as their stamina will allow. Characters will loose energy with each upward motion and cannot regain energy while in a climbing position.

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