Cooked Fish Meat

Type Consumables
Weight 0.1
Crafting Station Cooking Pot or Grill
Resources Fish Meat
Fuel (Wood etc)
Use/Effects Nourishment
Vitamins vitamin_d_atlas_mmo_wiki_guide
Spoil Timer Inventory: 10 mins
Preserving Bag: 2 hr

Cooked Fish Meat is one of the Consumables in MMO Game Atlas. Cooked Fish Meat can/cannot be Crafted, and is an item that is consumed (depleted) on use. Consumable items such as Cooked Fish Meat are often used to cover basic Survival needs of players, or to create other Equipment and Tools. Some consumables are classified as Resources, as their primary function is crafting.


About the Cooked Fish Meat

"A little bit of fire, a little bit of smoke, and a little bit of time. That's all it takes to bring the flavour of fish to life, and make it a little easier to keep as well."


How to Get a Cooked Fish Meat

Place Fish Meat into a Campfire or Grill with fuel and turn it on to craft Cooked Fish Meat.


Cooked Fish Meat Effects


Consuming Cooked Fish will cause your food bar and Vitamin D bar to rise.  


Cooked Fish Meat Notes & Tips

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