Cooking and Farming in Atlas MMO Game are Skills learned by the player that allow them to create consumables and edible items from the environment around them to allow them to survive. Those players wishing to increase the yield of their crops or create more efficient and healthy foods will focus on this Skill Line. This Discipline is unlocked via a skill within the Survivalism Discipline. 



Atlas Cooking and Farming Skills

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Skill  Effects SP Cost Requirements 

Basics of Cooking-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Basics of Cooking

Gives access to crafting the Cooking Pot. 1 -

Water Storage-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Water Storage

Gives access to crafting the Water Barrel and Water Jar. 2 -

Overeating Tolerance-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Overeating Tolerance

Overeating Damage: -10.0% 1 -

Expedited Orders-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Expedited Orders

Cooking Speed: +20.0% 1 Basics of Cooking

Basic Recipes-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Basic Recipes

Unlocks Tier 1 Recipes for cooking. 1 Basics of Cooking

Basic Farming-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Basic Farming

Gives access to crafting Basic Farming and Irrigation Tools. 1 Water Storage

Improved Overeating Tolerance-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Improved Overeating Tolerance

Overeating Damage: -20.0% 2 Overeating Tolerance

Improved Expedited Orders-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Improved Expedited Orders

Cooking Speed: +20.0% 4 Expedited Orders

Intermediate Recipes-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Intermediate Recipes

Unlocks Tier 2 Recipes for cooking. 5 Basic Recipes


Gives access to crafting a preserving bag, and preserving salt. 1 Basic Farming

Soil Tilling-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Soil Tilling

Soil Growth Bonus: +20.0% 1 Basic Farming

Advanced Overeating Tolerance-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Advanced Overeating Tolerance

Overeating Damage: -30.0% 8  Intermediate Overeating Tolerance

Advanced Expedited Orders-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Advanced Expedited Orders

Cooking Speed: +15.0% 8 Intermediate Expedited Orders

Advanced Recipes-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Advanced Recipes

Unlocks Tier 3 Recipes for cooking. 8 Intermediate Recipes

Secrets of Farming-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Secrets of Farming

Give access to crafting Larger and more efficient farming structures. 2 Preservatives

Improved Soil Tilling-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Improved Soil Tilling

Soil Growth Bonus: +20.0%. 2 Soil Tilling

Advanced Soil Tilling-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Advanced Soil Tilling

Soil Growth Bonus: +20.0%. 6 Improved Soil Tilling

Secrets of Cooking-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Secrets of Cooking

Gives access to crafting the Grill. 2 Advanced Recipes or Basic Farming

Unthinkable Delicacy-skill-atlas-wiki-guide
Unthinkable Delicacy

Once every 6 hours the chef can activate this, and produce a dish of tremendous complexity (requires all the resources in their own inventory). 2 Secrets of Cooking

Advanced Soil Tilling

Advanced Expedited Orders

Advanced Overeating Tolerance

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