Cooked Food is a subset of Consumables in Atlas MMO Game

Some recipes for Cooked Food will call for a specific food resource, such as Lime, while another might simply specify 'Fruits', for which you can use Lime or any other consumable in the Fruits category!

Most Cooked Foods will provide either nourishment or hydration, and many will also provide Vitamins. Which Vitamins are provided by which foods varies greatly in the Cooked Foods, but some will provide more than one, so it's worth looking into! 


How to Craft Cooked Food and Processed Consumables in Atlas MMO?

Crafting advanced consumables is as simple as visiting the appropriate Crafting Station, depositing all the requisite Resources for the Consumable you want to craft, and turning on the Crafting Station. Consumables will craft one by one until the resources run out.

Most Cooked Foods and Consumables can be crafted in the Cooking Pot or Grill. Simple foods such as Cooked Meat may be crafted in the Campfire


Consumables in Atlas MMO


Vitamins in Cooked Food in Atlas MMO

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