Cosmetics Vendor

Type NPC
Function Sells Cosmetics

Cosmetics Vendor is one of the NPCs in MMO Game Atlas


About the Cosmetics Vendor

The Cosmetics Vendor is an NPC who can be found in Freeport towns and sells Cosmetics in exchange for Gold Coins. Cosmetics include skins, which can be applied to Armor to change its appearance but will make no difference to stats unless otherwise stated, and possible dyes. 



Cosmetics Vendor Items

The Cosmetics Vendor sells the following items:


The Officer's Clothing:

  • Officer's Hat - 15 Gold Coins
  • Officer's Shirt - 15 Gold Coins 
  • Officer's Pants - 15 Gold Coins
  • Officer's Gloves - 15 Gold Coins
  • Officer's Boots - 15 Gold Coins

Drake Token - 20,000 Gold Coins

Other items?



Discontinued items sold by the Cosmetics Vendor:

  • Top Hat - 1 Gold Coin - doubles gold found when digging up treasure - one per account, bound. Limited to 10 equips.



Cosmetics Vendor Notes & Tips

  • ??



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