Type NPC
Function Helps to crew the Ship

Crewmember is one of the NPCs in MMO Game Atlas


About the Crewmember

The Crewmember is an NPC who can be recruited to join the Crew on your Ships

NPC or AI Crewmembers can be assigned to various tasks, from manning the Sails or Cannons or repairing the Ship.


How to get NPC Crewmembers

Crewmembers can be hired from Freeports from the Crew Recruiter for 5 Gold Coins, and will cost 1.5 Gold per hour to maintain (this hourly cost may vary depending on assigned tasks). Crewmembers hired from Freeports will be Novice Sailors and will start at level one. 

Higher level crewmembers can be recruited from the wreckage of defeated Ships of the Damned. Once the Ship has been defeated, its erstwhile crew can be recruited to crew your own Ship by putting Gold Coins in the last slot of your hot bar, swimming close and passive taming.


Using Crewmembers

Crewmembers can be assigned to a number of different tasks, including manning the cannons and sails, repairing the Ship, and various other duties. 

Assigning crewmembers to the Sails means you can control the Sails from the helm, essentially allowing solo Sailing of any size Ship. While at the helm with crew assigned to the Sails, you can lower or raise the Sails using W and S, and use A and D to turn them left or right. 

Assigning a crewmember to the steering wheel allows the use of an autopilot function. 

When your Ship is anchored, your Crew will begin automatically repairing any damage to the Ship using resources from the Ship Resources Box


Crewmember Notes & Tips

  • If you do not pay your Crew, they will eventually mutiny, killing you (and taking your ship?).
  • The hourly rate paid to Crew varies depending on their assigned tasks (details?).
  • NPC Crewmembers left on your Ship can draw the attention of nearby aggressive animals, so take care to leave adequate defenses, or anchor your Ship somewhere safe when logging off!



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