Base Health 10,000
Weight capacity 900
Crew 3
Masts 1
Decks 1
Resources 125 Fiber
60x Hide
250x Wood
Use Used to navigate the seas

The Raft is the first boat you can make in Atlas MMO Game. Since larger Ships are expensive and have specific requirements, this is likely to be a new player's favorite method of transport among the many starter islands for several levels.


How to Get a Raft in Atlas

Crafting the Raft is unlocked via the Basics of Sailing Skill in the Seamanship skill tree. Players must have access to a shipyard to build boats - the Raft is craftable in the Tiny Shipyard.

  • You can also use the Shipyardsman's dock at Freeports to craft a Raft, allowing you to leave your starting island without needing to claim land. 



Crafting a Raft requires a certain amount of materials. You can gather these materials as soon as you begin the game by harvesting all plants you come across, and punching trees. You also need to defeat some Creatures for the hides, so it's advisable that you craft some sort of weapon first.


How to Sail a Raft in Atlas

Beginner Tip

Your first sailings will likely end in disaster. You can set a convenient spawn point at your raft by putting a Campfire and Bed in the raft so that you might respawn there if you die during your adventures. It is best to wait until after Level 5 to depart in a trip, and to be prepared with sufficient food and water to sustain you through your travel: Obtain sufficient Waterskins, Meat and Vegetables to ensure proper nutrition and hydration.


Sailing Controls

When you first board the raft, you can press "E" to access the "Sail" menu. Here you find several options to control your raft:

  • Rotate Sails - gives you control over the degree and rotation to manipulate movement
  • Fully open All Sails - gives you the full power of the winds
  • Open All Sails - gives you powerful winds
  • Close All Sails - drift
  • Fully Close All Sails - stop.

While sailing, you can find a ship icon that signals which way your ship is heading, and a white arrow that denotes the wind's direction. Depending on the angle of your sails, your raft will follow the wind's path at specific speeds.

Danger: Pirates and Hostiles

When players first begin exploring, they must be careful not to engage or approach larger ships as they might be Pirates that will destroy your vessel.




Raft Notes & Upgrades

As you level your Raft, you can increase certain attributes of it, which will increase in fixed increments:

  • Additional Weight: +30
    Increases the Ship's maximum weight capacity, and reduces the effect of weight on the Ship's speed. 
  • Additional Crew: 0.2
    Increased the number of crewmen and passengers permitted on board. 
  • Sturdiness: +2.5%
    Reduces the likelihood of the Ship sinking, and reduces the rates of offshore item spoilage and depletion of character vitals. 
  • Accommodations: +0.2
    More beds on board, faster automatic hull repairs while at anchor and lowered AI crew payment. 

 The Raft can support the placement of a bed and storage boxes.


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