Torpidity is an Attribute or Character Stat in MMO Atlas.

Torpidity in MMO Atlas is a measure of weariness in MMO Atlas. Once your Torpidity reaches 50%, you will pass out and drop to the floor, unable to move or access your inventory. Once your Torpidity drains, you will awaken, but if the circumstance which caused the rise in Torpidity is not rectified (such as Dehydration), you will fall unconscious again once your Torpor reaches 50% once more. 

Torpidity dealt as a result of a hostile attack or bite is directly proportional to the amount of damage dealt (for example, where head-shots provide a damage multiplier, they also provide a Torpidity multiplier, and where a Weapon deals higher Damage, it will also deal high Torpor). 


Increasing Your Torpidity Attribute

Putting one skill point into Torpidity will increase your maximum Torpidity by ?. 

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