Stamina is an Attribute or Character Stat in MMO Atlas.

Stamina in MMO Atlas is a measure of the physical energy available to you, and permits such actions as sprinting, jumping, swimming, harvesting and melee attacks. Stamina regenerates passively once you desist Stamina-depleting actions (eg stop sprinting), but this will cause an accelerated rate of Food and Water consumption until your Stamina is again full.


Increasing Your Stamina Attribute

Putting one skill point into Stamina will increase your maximum Stamina by 10. 


Stamina Regeneration

Your Stamina will regenerate passively whenever you stop running/jumping etc, but will not regenerate if you are Injured (below 30 HP).

If your Food or Water levels are at 0, your Stamina regen will be vastly slowed (confirm?).

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