Saddles in Atlas MMO Game give you the ability to ride Creatures you have tamed. Unlocking Saddles for Crafting is achieved through Beastmastery  Skills.


All Saddles in Atlas



The Tier 1 Saddle can be used to ride Tier 1 Creatures.

Prerequisites: Riding Tier 1, Beastmastery 
Resources to craft: 32 Fibers, 50 Hide, 18 Organic Paste


Tier 2 Saddle

The Tier 2 Saddle can be used to ride Creatures in Tier 2.

Prerequisites: Riding Tier 2, Beastmastery 
Resources to craft: 42 Fibers, 60 Hide, 26 Organic Paste


Tier 3 Saddle

The Tier 3 Saddle allows players to ride Tier 3 Creatures. 

Prerequisites: Riding Tier 3, Beastmastery 
Resources to craft: 52 Fibers, 80 Hide, 32 Organic Paste, 12 Metal



Cargo Saddle

The Cargo Saddle gives players the ability to mount Weaponry such as a Swivel Gun or Ship Cannon on the saddle's platform. A water barrel can also be mounted on the platform.

Prerequisites: Cargo Harness, Beastmastery 
Resources to craft: 1 Tier 2 Saddle, 60 Fibers, 42 Hide, 16 Metal, 60 Wood



The Carriage gives players the ability to safely transport high-value individuals in style.

Prerequisites: Carriage, Beastmastery 
Resources to craft: ?


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