Base Health 12,000
Ship Weight Capacity 30,000
Ship Crew 59
Masts 6
Sail Units 16.0


Beds 2
Crafting Station Large Shipyard
Resources 123,934 Fibers
1,200 Hide
2,856 Metal
106,748 Thatch
125,060 Wood

The Galleon is one of the available sea-worth vessels in Atlas MMO Game. The Galleon is the sixth tier of boat you can build and sail in Atlas MMO Game



How to Get a Galleon in Atlas

After building the Large Shipyard, you will have the option to build the Structural Skeleton for the Galleon. Once this is built, you must then add the component parts, such as the Sails, Decks and Planks..


1 Structural Skeleton

2,560 Fibers
680 Metal
5,600 Thatch
4,200 Wood


Large Wood Ship Decks (can use 3 if you would like more space)

2,400 Fibers (400 ea)
3,900 Thatch (650 ea)
5,160 Wood (860 ea)


120 additional Wood Ceilings are needed to close the top decks (2400 Fibers, 7200 Thatch, 4800 Wood in total), though this will seal them completely, blocking access to the lower decks - you may wish to use at least one Roof or Staircase tile to permit access below decks.

74 Large Wood Plank

113,960 Fibers (1540 ea)
1,776 Metal (24 ea)
97,680 Thatch (1320 ea)
113,960 Wood (1540 ea)

Up to 52 planks may be swapped out for Large Wood Gunports (80,080 Fibers, 13,312 Metal, 68,640 Thatch, 80,080 Wood each).


1 Ship Steering Wheel

14 Fibers
18 Thatch
40 Wood



The Galleon has the capacity for 16 units of Sails, providing many different options for Sails combinations.


How to Sail a Galleon in Atlas

Mechanics, Controls etc


Galleon Notes and Upgrades

The Galleon starts out with the capacity to support two Beds

As your Galleon gains experience, you will be able to allocate levels in the following increments:

  • Additional Weight: +300
    Increases the Ship's maximum weight capacity, and reduces the effect of weight on the Ship's speed. 

  • Additional Crew: +1.0
    Increased the number of crewmen and passengers permitted on board. 

  • Sturdiness: +2.5%
    Reduces the likelihood of the Ship sinking, and reduces the rates of offshore item spoilage and depletion of character vitals. 

  • Accommodations: +1.0
    More beds on board, faster automatic hull repairs while at anchor and lowered AI crew payment. 



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