Advanced Ship Maintenance

Advanced Ship Maintenance_skill_atlas_game_wiki_guide
Skill Type Captaineering
Effect Skill Stat Bonuses: Ship Decaying Rate: -15%
Cost 1 Skill Point(s)
Pre-Requisite  Improved Ship Maintenance

Advanced Ship Maintenance is one of the Skills in MMO Game Atlas. Advanced Ship Maintenance is available for players to unlock within the Captaineering discipline skill tree.


About Advanced Ship Maintenance

"Ship Decaying Rate: -15.0%"


The "Advanced Ship Maintenance" Skill, found within the Captaineering Discipline, is useful for players looking to: 

  • ??
  • ??



Advanced Ship Maintenance Effects & Bonuses


  • Skill Stat Bonuses: Ship Decaying Rate: -15%




Advanced Ship Maintenance Notes & Tips

  • Notes and tips related to this skill, or its applications
  • Unlocking skills costs Skill Points, which must be obtained by gaining experience with in-game activities.
  • Each skill within a tree must be unlocked in order and has dependencies with other skills within that tree.




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