Vitamin A Levels


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Effect ?
Causes Affected by your intake of Vitamin A foods
Remedies ?

There are four Status Effects related to your levels of Vitamin A - Highest Vitamin A, High Vitamin A, Low Vitamin A and Lowest Vitaming A - that your character might experience in Atlas MMO Game. Status Effects are the various reactions your character might have to the world around them and their activities within it. For example if you don't eat enough, you will become Starved. If you don't drink enough, you will become Dehydrated, and if you are in too cold a place without appropriate insulation (either from Fortitude or equipped Armor), you will be Cold or even suffer from Hypothermia.

  • Find out more about the various Status Effects (or conditions) on our Status Effects page.
  • Find out more about vitamins in Atlas on our Vitamins page.


About Vitamin A Levels

Your Vitamin A Levels are determined by the foods you eat. Consumables such as Ale, Beans, Mint and various others (view the full list on the Consumables page) will cause your Vitamin A Levels to rise. 


Vitamin Imbalance Effects

  • If your Vitamin levels (of any Vitamin) fall too low, you will suffer from Vitamin Deficiency, and if any rise too high, you will get Vitamin Poisoning. Both give a debuff [of?] and can eventually cause death if not remedied.

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