Ship Resources Box


A large wooden box for storing items and resources on a Ship.

Type Structure
Tier  Wood
Weight 12.0 
Prerequisites Basics of Crew - Captaineering
Crafted in Smithy
Resources 60 Fibers
50 Thatch
100 Wood
12 Metal
Use ?
Item ID  

Ship Resources Box is a Structure used in Building in MMO Game Atlas

In order to build in Atlas, you must craft individual building tiles or structures to combine into larger structures, whether those are Ships or Forts on land.

There are 3 tiers of Structures and building materials in Atlas; Wood is the second. 


About the Ship Resources Box

The Ship Resources Box is slightly different from other storage options in Atlas in that it has unlimited inventory space and 500000 stack limits, and also automatically collects any materials from demolished Ship components. 

When the Ship is anchored and crew are set to automatically repair, they will pull repar resources from this box,. Any gold coins stored in the Ship Resources Box will be used to automatically pay your Crew's wages.  


How to Get Ship Resources Box

The Ship Resources Box can be unlocked for Crafting via the Basics of Crew skill in the Captaineering Skill Tree. 

The Ship Resources Box is crafted in your inventory using the following resources:




The Ship Resources Box can be placed onto player-made structures such as a Floor or Ceiling, or directly onto the ground. 



  • Structures, like many items in Atlas, have durability ratings which can be damaged to the point of the Structure's destruction. Higher tiers of buildings can take more damage before they are destroyed, so it is wise to build out of the highest durability tier you can manage. When a Structure is destroyed, any other Structures supported by it are also destroyed, unless they have alternative support from another, intact Structure. 
  • Spawn Command: 


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      WHAT ITEMS GO INTO THIS BOX???? THAT WOULD BE USEFUL INFORMATION! Wood, Thatch, Fibers, Gold.... What else???? Both the game and all wiki's lack so much information, leave you guessing with almost everything. The only way I can find out what items are useful inside this box, is to purposely damage my ship on different objects and see what they need for repairing... baffling.. no simple straightforward way for anything, just grind, waste time, grind, waste time, grind, waste time

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