Melee Weaponry Unlock

Melee Weaponry_skill_atlas_game_wiki_guide
Skill Type Construction & Mercantilism
Effect Unlocks the Melee Weaponry Discipline
Cost 3 Skill Point(s)
Pre-Requisite  Metallurgy

Melee Weaponry Unlock is one of the Skills in MMO Game Atlas. Melee Weaponry Unlock is available for players to unlock within the Construction & Mercantilism and Hand-to-Hand Combat disciplines skill trees.


About Melee Weaponry Unlock

"Unlocks the Melee Weaponry Discipline"


The "Melee Weaponry Unlock" Skill, found within the Construction & Mercantilism and the Hand-to-Hand Combat Disciplines, is useful for players looking to: 

  • Engage in close-quarter combat using Brass Knucles, Swords, etc
  • Prepare to build a strength-type character.



Melee Weaponry Unlock Effects & Bonuses



  • -



Melee Weaponry Unlock Notes & Tips

  • Notes and tips related to this skill, or its applications
  • Unlocking skills costs Skill Points, which must be obtained by gaining experience with in-game activities.
  • Each skill within a tree must be unlocked in order and has dependencies with other skills within that tree.




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