A Crafting Station for refining raw metals into ingots.. 

Type Structure
Item ID  
Crafted in  Inventory
Resources 40 Fibers
5 Flint
40 Wood
20 Metal
125 Stone
20 Wood
Use ?

The Forge is a Crafting Station and Structure used in Building in MMO Game Atlas


About the Forge

The Forge is used to refine raw metals into ingots. 



How to get a Forge

The Forge can be crafted in the Smithy(?) using the following resources:



What can be built in the Forge?

The Forge can be used to refine raw metals into ingots. Place raw metals and the correct reagents into the Forge and light it.


cobalt_ingot_intermediates_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Cobalt Ingot

2 Cobalt, 1 Coal, 1 Salt

cobalt_ingot_intermediates_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Copper Ingot

2 Copper, 1 Sap, 1 Wood

cobalt_ingot_intermediates_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Iridium Ingot

2 Iridium, 1 Crystal, 1 Flint

cobalt_ingot_intermediates_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Iron Ingot

2 Iron, 1 Coal, 1 Wood

cobalt_ingot_intermediates_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Silver Ingot

2 Silver, 1 Keratinoid, 1 Gem

cobalt_ingot_intermediates_resources_atlas_mmo_game_wiki_guide Tin Ingot

2 Tin, 1 Thatch, 1 Wood





  • Structures, like many items in Atlas, have durability ratings which can be damaged to the point of the Structure's destruction. Higher tiers of buildings can take more damage before they are destroyed, so it is wise to build out of the highest durability tier you can manage. When a Structure is destroyed, any other Structures supported by it are also destroyed, unless they have alternative support from another, intact Structure. 
  • Spawn Command: 


Crafting Stations
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