Factions in Atlas are player-formed. Players can choose to join other players' crews, captain their own, or even ally with other captains in order to rule the seas. 

Players can choose to form a company, claim a territory as its ruler and apply behavioral and taxation laws to those who wish to live or harvest within their land. It is up to the player whether they wish to be 'a benevolent governor, a feudal lord or a ruthless dictator'. 

The player's World Map provides an overview of territory ownership across the world, with a 'Fog of War' hiding regions not yet discovered, and 'Shroud of War' disguising enemy territories too far away to see. 

Players can challenge other governments for ownership of land, structures and ships to expand their empire, and the best performing Spheres of Influence on the Official Atlas can be seen in real-time on the PlayAtlas homepage. 

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